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Posted at 9:55 PM Sun by Carlin Ross
No, I'm not a pedophile. But there seem to be more and more attractive, married chick teachers who are fooling around with their underage, male students. First, there was Mary Kay LeTourneau but...
Posted at 11:10 PM Wed by Carlin Ross
The new catch phrase to know - "Alpha Girl". An Alpha Girl is a new breed of young women. An alpha girl is an overachiever....she's successful, she's ahtletic, she's accomplished, and she has no...
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Posted at 4:07 PM Tue by Anonymous
As I look into the eyes of my sleeping lover one morning, I am both frightened and uneasily aroused. During amazing sex, I had this sinking feeling that we were being watched. And, no, not just by a...
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