Betty Dodson's Bodysex Workshops

In 1973, Dr. Betty began the Bodysex Workshops where genital show and tell became a powerful healing process. From those days to the present, Betty has sat alongside thousands of women teaching them to appreciate the unique design and function of their vulvas. Positive genital imagery, she believes, is a cornerstone of self-acceptance and sexual growth.

The emphasis throughout the workshop is placed on having fun and learning to play again while engaging in rituals designed to enhance sexual self-knowledge. The group session begins by sharing personal feelings about one's body and orgasm, followed by a genital show ritual which was a powerful healing process. A guided masturbation ritual, in concert with the mutual support gained from group participation, members are urged to explore their sexual potential, opening new paths to experiencing orgasm.

Betty remarks in her book, Sex for One, "I constantly worried about going too far, thinking that women were conservative and timid about taking risks. But that turned out not to be true. Every woman who entered the room was a powerhouse of courage even though she may have resisted undressing. Every woman proved to be a divine seeker of ecstasy even though she may have professed inhibition."

A powerful premisce for the workshop was that in reclaiming your body as a source of strength and pleasure, you gain power over your life with the freedom to design your sexlife more creatively, and defining love more flexibly. Participants found that "special someone" we'd all been seeking to bring us true love was oneself. From selflove comes the ability to love others.

Some of the original techniques in the workshop included:

* The Bonding Circle
* The Vibrator Alert
* Group Massage
* Standing Orgasm
* Vibrator Plus Barbell Orgasm

Bodysex Today

Although Betty no longer runs the Bodysex Workshops she continues her private practice as a Sex Coach guiding women, men, and couples through pleasure rituals to enhance their experiences of sex alone, with a partner, or in a threesome.

For additional information, write to Betty at Box 1933, New York, NY 10156 or send us a message via our Contact page.