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Hello Sexy

Fri, 09/15/2017 - 06:58
Submitted by Angela Thurston

Hello Sexy,

I trust that my letter finds you safe, and lusciously warm and comfy. I do hope that you may drink in my words with no distractions.

Today began with my usual morning epsom salt soak. I am always taken aback at the serenity I experience as my morning body makes connection with the hot fragrant water. This morning I had the luxury of an extended period in the tub. Actually to the point of dizziness from the intensity of the heat.

I treasure the exquisite state in which I begin my days. My morning ritual is the perfect preparation to explore the delectable terrain of my body—before I engage with the world.

Bodysex & Me

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 07:50
Submitted by Angela Thurston

People often ask me how I discovered Betty Dodson, and Bodysex. I like to think it was through the divine guidance of the Universe.

Knowing in it’s infinite wisdom that she was precisely who I needed for my next phase of development. And for the more pragmatic, linear mind, it was a matter of following the links from one sexuality website to another, and there she was – the mother of masturbation – before me in full colour. Offering her wisdom, through a cornucopia of videos and posts, on the diverse benefits of sexual pleasure.

So I Took Stock & Did a Masturbation History Inventory

Mon, 06/20/2016 - 11:00
Submitted by Angela Thurston

Many years ago a friend shared with me that one of the things she hated the most was when her husband crawled into bed at night, and cuddled up behind her. She told me that all she wanted him to do in those moments was to get that thing out of her back.

Of course, this was disclosed to me in a nonchalant, raucous manner, and in our uncomfortableness, we quickly chased down her confession with a burst of laughter, and a swallow of libations.

I tried, but could not imagine ever feeling that way. I just couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t want “that thing” pressing into your back, communicating it’s beckoning desire towards you? My ripe maiden body could not fathom this scenario. Nor could my maiden mind.