Had My Uterus, Ovaries & Tubes Removed - Lost My Orgasm

Mon, 12/13/2010 - 16:20
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Dr. Betty,

I am 32 years old. 2 years ago I had my uterus removed and three months ago I had my two ovaries and tubes removed, I have been married for ten years and it has been very difficult to deal with menopause at an early age. I was placed on hormone patches when during intercourse I can't have an orgasm. I have tried concentration and it has got to the point where I feel very depressed, Dr. please help me. We were a very sexual couple 4-6 times a week and now I can't even have one. please reply.

Dear Anon,

I am not a medical doctor but as a sexologist, the first thing I would recommend is checking out alternative healing modalities. Change your diet and find an exercise program that you like. Next would be to get my book "Orgasms for Two" and the Magic Wand vibrator. Or some other good vibrator. Learn to use it for direct clitoral stimulation alone and during intercourse.

As a woman with ovaries, I began having difficulties with orgasm during partnersex around 34. My lover at the time gave me the old Oster vibrator and it opened a new world for me. It's my belief that what once worked with sex to give us orgasms changes over the years. We just don't talk about it. The testosterone patch is quite experimental and I question its use. The electric vibrator and some new fantasy material would do wonders for you. Right now, you are stressed out "trying to come" and feeling "desperate" not at all helpful for experiencing pleasure. Just remember, coming from penetration alone is not available to that many women. Most of us need some kind of direct clitoral stimulation during the act. Women's biggest problem today is how we define female sexuality. Get back to me after you've tried my suggestions.

Dr. Betty

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