Facing Hysterectomy...How Do I Stay Sexual?

Wed, 11/06/2013 - 10:55
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Dr. Betty,

I am facing the reality that I will have to have a full hysterectomy due to cervical cancer. How would you recommend that I restore myself back to full sexual health? I have a husband and I love masturbation and don't want to lose our sex life with the loss of my female parts.

Thank you for your help.

Dear K,

I'm sorry to hear of your upcoming surgery BUT the good news is that you will be cancer free. I'm a firm believer in alternative healing but I honor the fact that you have chosen the medical route. That doesn't mean you can't help your body by cleaning up your food consumption as in eating "all organic" with an emphasis on fresh veggies. Eliminate all refined sugar as it feeds cancer.

Depending on who your surgeon is, hopefully she will leave your ovaries intact. As long as your clitoris in place, your sexlife is also available. Think creative and remain as positive as possible. So few women experience orgasm from vaginal penetration and truth be told, many men prefer manual, oral or anal sex to penis vagina intercourse. The fact that you already love masturbation is all to the good.

Now is a time for you to incorporate every and all healthful habits available and trust your healing will be complete. This can also be an opportunity to re-create your sex life even better than the one you had before. I would love to hear from you after this is all over so you can share your experience with other women facing a similar situation. I'm rooting for your full recovery that will include many individual and shared orgasms.

Dr. Betty

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