Had a Labial Cyst Removed. Will My Vulva Be Normal Again?

Sun, 03/25/2018 - 08:45
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Dr. Betty,

I've recently had surgery to remove a labial cyst (2nd time, first time was unsuccessful) I'm worried about the healing.. My physician opted to remove the cyst and the wall surrounding - which has ended up being the back third around my vaginal entrance..

Apart from it looking a tad strange due to quite a large chunk being missing I'm worried about how it's healing.. I got an infection and a course of antibiotics to combat this which has cleared it up but I looked in a mirror today and where part of the incision was made it doesn't seem to have healed correctly.

There is in parts a small mm or two gap - it doesn't seem to have knitted together properly?! I'm only 10 days into the recovery stage - my stitches are still in (a couple have fallen out, I have found them on my pad) I'm worried I'm going to look freaky down there, do you think it will settle?!

Thank you in advance..


Dear C,

Give your body plenty of time to heal. I'm sure no one but you will ever notice your vulva looks strange.

So stop obsessing and enjoy more orgasms alone and with your partners. Besides you and your doctor, who has ever bothered to look at your vulva under a good light? I proscribe more masturbation and orgasms.

Dr Betty

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