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  • A Woman's Erection Needs 20-30 Minutes of Adequate Clitoral Stimulation   3 days 1 hour ago


  • A Woman's Erection Needs 20-30 Minutes of Adequate Clitoral Stimulation   3 days 1 hour ago

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  • Dear Catcallers   2 weeks 3 days ago

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  • “I’m Here Because Of My Lineage. The Shame Ends Today”   7 weeks 3 days ago

    Hello Marti! 
    I am so sorry that I missed your comment until now! Thank you so much for your words of support and for sharing in my journey alongside me. I feel very touched! I will take your suggestion about writing about my orgasms and how they have evolved and changed my life. I appreciate you inviting me to do so and being an inspiration. 

    much love, 

  • What Do You Think About Nurturing & Gender Roles in Hetero-Adult Relationships?   7 weeks 6 days ago

    Im soooo glad you wrote the below: 

      "Both genders require attachment. It's not a weakness or virtue of one."

    This means so much to me.  It seems the prevalent thinking , among Polyamorists (and other groups) is that attachement is bad. (and by extension, whne you get dumped, you should "just" get over it). I cant figure out how anything is valuable or important without attachment! ? 

  • Should We Have Sex as a Couple Then Start to "Mix"?   7 weeks 6 days ago

    Love your response Betty :-) 

  • It Was a Weekend of Connection   8 weeks 5 days ago

    I enjoy reading about Betty's workshops. So honest and personal, and always a growth experience for everyone and I know they all go on to enjoy a more masturbatory life. I'm glad she has them and shares them as she does.
    I didn't understand or appreciate masturbation years ago with my previous girlfriend. I felt her need to masturbate was a comment on my ability to please her and so we didn't talk about it. We broke after I discovered she had been masturbating regularly with a girl friend of hers since before we had even started dating. I discovered a drawer of vibrators and other toys and so she finally opened up with me. Even though I did my best to satisfy her, she had been masturbating during the day while I was at work and even in the evenings if I was away or had to work late. Her own work was part-time and flexible and she could sometimes work from home so it was easy for her in that way. Her schedule and workplace supported her masturbatory lifestyle.
    We broke up and I reflected on it a lot since. I realize now she merely had diverse orgasmic needs which included our own sex but also extended beyond that. Her other needs were diffferent but strong had to be satisfied through other means. She was simply making the best out of it and exploring and developing that side of herself.
    My current girlfriend is a masturbator and a fan of yours. I support her fully in her masturbation and that has actually spiced up our sex life and brought us closer together. I encourage her masturbation and take an interest in her orgasms and her development in that area. She attends a weekly tea with two other women each week where they share their methods, exchange toys, and masturbate. She has, on occassion, gone away on weekend retreats to a friends cabin, even a week long cruise once with them, where, among enjoying many other activities together, they "masturbate masturbate masturbate" as Betty says sometimes.
    I have learned to make time to masturbate more and enjoy it. Not so much the ejaculation as the journey getting there and so I edge my erection for a couple hours a day before finally ejaculating. I know that's become pretty common now days and so I'm comfortable with that.
    My needs are simply just not as intense as hers or my previous girlfriend's and I've come to terms wth that. But helping her progress in her mastubation gives me satisfaction I cannot describe. I actually developed a fantasy of her becoming a nudist and masturbating throughout each day with other women. She thought my fantasy was sweet and confessed that was actually about what her weekend retreats were and we both laughed. She said she would help me fulfill my fantasy if that's what I truely wanted.
    You and your bodysex workshops are the incarnation of that fantasy as well.

  • Is a Man Who Sweats During Sex a Turn Off?   9 weeks 1 day ago

     Really your post is really very good and I appreciate it. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes.You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years.

  • May: the Month to Celebrate Masturbation   9 weeks 5 days ago

    Feeling a little like Rip Van Winklewacker here.  I must have been stroking so much this summer that that I missed all the great updates and user commentary.     

  • Did I Ruin My Clit from Unlubricated Masturbation?   9 weeks 6 days ago

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  • Dear Catcallers   9 weeks 6 days ago

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  • Why Do Men & Women Have Affairs?   9 weeks 6 days ago

    I per my religious views and belief, I should be satisfied with the person that I have married with and it should be it. I should find satisfaction and happeness in it - and I am happy. ;)

    Scott Porter

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  • Gender Roles are Created by Society Not Biology   10 weeks 19 hours ago

    Indeed  gender equality and gender inequality is not by nature or by biology. I think we have nothing to fear about gender inequality. This fear is simply based on pride and the search for power. So what if men are dominant being if the woman enjoys? On the other side, so what if women are the leaders if they can feed the men, so let it be.

    Scott Porter

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  • Our Scars Are Illustrations Of The Stories Of Our Lives   10 weeks 2 days ago

    It's quite possible that negative marks are felt and remembered longer. Our scars remind us about the events in the part which perhaps, sometimes, we are willing to forget... But they do illustrate the story of the life in its pure version.
    Analyst and neuropsychology scientist Lutz Jäncke announced the disclosure about the manner in which singular life conditions influence the structures of the mind (and brain). Scientists tried the brains of more than 150 individuals utilizing attractive reverberation imaging 3 times finished a two-year duration.

    They found out that even occasions of a brief term can leave their physical check on the brain activity. For instance, if a leg is kept immobile for 3 weeks, the thickness of the cerebrum's cortex in the territories in charge of controlling the immobilized arm is diminished.
    Phoenix, Arizona
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  • I'd Gone Through the Emotional Wheel & Come Back to Selflove   10 weeks 5 days ago

    I couldn't agree more! After getting cancer at
    age 35 for no apparent reason (I had a much healthier lifestyle than
    most my age), I had to rethink how I lived my life. And the biggest
    change I made was to let go of being so driven to achieve, to be the
    perfect daughter, worker, friend ... and to learn how to accept my own
    imperfections. I'd almost say that for the past 25+ years, I've been on
    a self-compassion quest (without having a word for it).

    There are many people struggling and suffering because they haven't
    learned this yet. The more people understand this, the better the world
    becomes. Excellent information!

    Alexandra Grayson
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  • The Beauty of Naked Bodies & Natural Gravity   11 weeks 4 hours ago

    That goes for the bulk of the elected officials that have been on the board election after election.

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  • We Don’t Need To Be Perfect To Be Whole   11 weeks 1 day ago

    Hello Natasha,

    The additional time I provide for nature and isolation, the bigger lucidity grows. It's exceptional and not an uncertainty material science. It's surprising. To move past what I requests is to at last observe why soul is constantly free. In any case, would I be able to have gone to that acknowledgment if not for the free soul inborn inside now ponders.

    Consistent reflection remains with all of you or the greater part of the day and can go about as a defensive shield in unpleasant circumstances. It remains quiet, advance back and postpone negative responses. It truly does ponders once you have through it. Have a feeling that you get new eyes and an alternate point of view each time you complete your session.

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  • From Trauma to Orgasms   11 weeks 1 day ago
  • Because Bad Girls Say No   12 weeks 1 day ago

    I agree with the idea that kids should know about such things like sex and sexual identity earlier. But how to know when to tell them. Clair is 4 now. Is it ok to talk to her? She has never asked however. I'm afraid she would not understand.
    And according to the statistics, only 5% of parents tell their kids about male-female differences starting from the age of 7-8.
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  • The Labia Pride Movement   12 weeks 6 days ago

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  • My Clitoris Burns When I Touch It   12 weeks 6 days ago

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  • My Go To "Trick" for Orgasm   12 weeks 6 days ago

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  • Sexual Desire Comes From Within   13 weeks 1 day ago

    I love this discussion on more than one level.
    I have a number of healthy guy friends (around 50 yrs old) who take great care of themselves through diet and excercise who have directly or indirectly indicated a gradual loss of desire in recent years.  I have experienced no such drop, and the only thing I am aware of that I am doing differently, is my continued very frequest (every day) and (multiple times a day) long duration (an hour or more each) edging masturbation sessions.  I have zero doubt that this has not only given me amazing pleasure, but has maintained a level of desire that is very high and no doubt made me a much better lover in the process.  I don't substitute masturbation for partner sex, but I desire more pleasure than any partner can satisfy in today's messed up busy world.  This way, I am ready for it when the situation permits, but don't fail to meet my needs along the way.
    Marti, I totally relate to some potential partners being scared away from someone who has adopted a masturbatory lifestyle.  The flip side is how wonderful it can be when you sift through enough people to find someone who gets it!  It's worth all the rejections and is such a find!


  • Natural Cycles is a Birth Control App as Effective as the Pill   13 weeks 5 days ago

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  • Sexual Desire Comes From Within   13 weeks 6 days ago

    Betty and Carlin,
    Another great and honest message and i'm so glad you put it on youtube to be sure your essential message gets out. The art and practice of masturbation, when right, conditions our body for sex, nurturing and developing our orgasm and our very need and desire for it as well. By doing it right, it means masturbating regularly, often, and slowing down- extending it out so we can appreciate the journey to our orgasm when we do. It's in the literature and a method for ED treatment and couple sex therapy. It wasn't until I followed your guidance many years ago and embraced a highly masturbator lifestyle that I became multi-orgasmic and my sexual urge and appetite grew.  I masturbated more and longer and, as you teach, eventually put it at the center of my being. 
    Confessing that to men whom I would date sometimes drove them away but it's something we must do when finding a true soulmate. Men don't like to admit their need as perhaps they think it shows weakness and so I always encouraged my boyfriends to losen up and masturbate more, not as a substitute for our sex but to enhance it, in addition to it, and as an activity we can both share and talk about.
    A few have embraced a masturbation lifestyle along the way which I found quite rewarding for me as it I am sure it does for you. I was suprised by a few boyfriends who confessed they edged for hours at a time and masturbated often but always ashamed to admit that. Knowing they did not have to hide this from me was so liberating and self-affirming for them. Sex was the best with them actually.  I finally met a soul mate of course, and we both are avid masturbators and have the most wonderful sex. For him, he edges for hours a day, ejaculating multiple times.  He just needs that so much and so do I. We save our intercourse for each weekend and it is always special and meaningful and satisfying.  As y