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  • selfellatio - can you suck your own dick?   2 days 20 hours ago

    I read most of the comments and I agree with most of them. I suck myself and love it. If I do not have a girlfriend I suck my dick.
    One remark was of a 69 nature. I enjoy my dick in my lipps. Simultaneously, I love the feel of my dick being sucked. I can suck myself for hours a day. Well maybe just 3 or 4 hours.
    I am so glad for this website because it opens the discussion whereas it had been sheltered in a weired group in porn sites. I think it is a normal activity with many men and is much more prevelant than Masters and Johnson saying 1% of men can do this.
    Thank you all for the many remarks in this area. I feel more open about it now.

  • selfellatio - can you suck your own dick?   2 days 21 hours ago

    I learned to suck my own cock and am the same as you. I have no desire for a man. I just love to suck my dick. I was glad to read your remark. Thanks.

  • selfellatio - can you suck your own dick?   2 days 21 hours ago

    Selfsuck: Show or tell your girlfriend but you might want to be coy in the introduction of the subject.
    I enjoy selfsuck and have for many decades. About 4 years ago, I had an exoctic girlfriend and the subject came up concerning: Tasting your own semen.
    I initially said no. But later in our conversation I said I wanted to be honest in our conversation and that I had tasted it. Ofcourse this spurrned many more questions and a more exciting discussion.
    Making a long and exciting story short, I admitted I have sucked myself. Later I showed her a video I had made. She went off in unbelievable excitment. She went into the bathroom, took all her clothes off, washed her pussy and came out to grab my arm and escourt me to her bedroom where after a bit of forplay I demonstrated my skill of selfsuck. She came twice that evening.
    I hope you have a similar experience.

  • Receded Clit   3 days 9 hours ago

    She may have adhesions of the hood due to a condition called lichen sclorosis, it sounds like she has developed something similar to phimosis.

  • My Orgasms Were Real But Was My Story?   3 days 23 hours ago

    Yes, I completely agree - there is so much to process after a Bodysex weekend, and I had the same experience that it woke up old questions.   It's an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us, and it's a gem in a world of partiarcial sex agenda. Being awake to 'what is my real story' is a wonderful and rich opportunity.

  • Megan Jayne Crabbe Found Beauty in the Softness   4 days 5 hours ago

    Thank you for your story! According to Ultius Inc research the most susceptible to anorexia are young girls. This is due to their desire to imitate their idols - models and movie stars. In
    developed countries today every 2 girls out of 100 suffer anorexia. They belong to the age group of 12 to 24 years.
    It can be said that they account for about 90% of all cases of anorexia. Other 10% include older women as well as men. May suffer from this disease even a small children, thier anorexia develops through forced feeding or violations of the rules of livestock.

  • Ladies-Describe your 1st sexual experience with another woman...   4 days 15 hours ago

    Happened when I was 16.  I was a sophmore and she was a junior in high school.  It all started with her talking about her boyfriend giving her "mind blowing" orgasms when he went down on her.  I confessed that no one had ever given me oral and even though I had been masturbating since I was 12, and that I had let several boys finger me, I wasn't sure I'd ever really had an orgasm.
    She started to describe to me her technique to get herself off and I was surprised at how excited, and wet I was getting.  I didn't know what to say when she paused and said "do you mind if I just show you"?  I just sat there with flushed cheeks wondering what was next.  Was she going to let me watch her get herself off? Well my question was answered when she gently pushed me back on the couch and slid my shorts and panties off in one smooth motion. 
    I was scared, excited, pretty much every emotion I could have passed through me.  She leaned up and sweetly kissed me on the lips then raised my tee shirt and started to kiss her way down to my mound.  She first made circles around my clit with her tongue and then started to lick from bottom to top with each stroke ending on my clit.  She then inserted one finger and then a second into my vagina and started to work them in and out while she flicked my clit with her tongue.
    My body was on fire!  All those emotions I had earlier were gone and all I could think of was the extreme pleasure I was experiencing between my legs.  I'm sure she sensed I was building so she picked up the pace and started to make a "come here" motion the her two fingers inserted in me.  That did it, and I exploded!!  I shook, trembled and damn near passed out.  I had never felt anything like that before and knew this wouldn't be the last time for damn sure!
    That was the end of our session that day but I learned to re-pay the favor and our bi encounters continued until she went to college a year later.  I had one other encounter when I was in college, but that has been almost ten years ago.  

  • Asexual Virgin Asks: How Can I Get Into In Sex?   5 days 16 hours ago

    Well, I have never once been interested in anything sexual. I don't believe I am a true Asexual, as I've gotten quite aroused by the voice of someone I know on multiple occasions (his voice is so deep and sexy, yum), but that is the extent of my interest.

  • He Has a Big Penis with Little Sensation. Advice??   6 days 17 hours ago

    Hi S Get your man or you and go on now if you read around about jelqing its a very simple exercise, done right it should get rid of his bend, its not a quick fix but slowly should find it works for him.


  • He Has a Big Penis with Little Sensation. Advice??   6 days 17 hours ago

    Hi S Get your man or you and go on now if you read around about jelqing its a very simple exercise, done right it should get rid of his bend, its not a quick fix but slowly should find it works for him.


  • Amber Rose's Bush Shot is Feminism   1 week 18 hours ago

    Carlin you are so right.  A woman's body can be so beautiful and she should not be forced to pretend otherwise and hide it. I think if more open up like this and begin showing it perhaps it will help others get beyond their hang-up and it will become normal and accepted.  I love to see a woman's breasts and cliterous exposed but yet respect her no less for that than a man. Even if she had to masturbate openly and often I would feel the same and support her for her obvious, natural needs.

  • What Keeps Us From Hearing Each Other is the Fear That We Will Not be Right   1 week 1 day ago

    Pourquoi les robes de mariée sont le premier choix primordial quand il s'agit de choisir des robes de mariée pour votre occasion inoubliable ? Les raisons ne sont pas loin de chercher. Les robes de mariée en ligne et les robes de mariée courtes fabriquées par l'entreprise possèdent des caractéristiques telles que la qualité, le style et la couture impeccable - tous les distinguant des autres. Et d'ailleurs, comment vous comptez habiller vos demoiselles d'honneur ? C'est peut-être un gros problème, je crois que la robe de soirée bordeaux est un pas mal choix pour ces filles, et vous pourriez leurs laisser choisir un style unique.

  • A Glimpse of a Vulva & It's Pornographic   1 week 1 day ago

    Have these people never heard of The Origin of the World by Gustave Courbet?
    And they pretend to know shit about art?
    Sad to see that 150 years after, Courbet's painting is STILL subversive...

  • After an Orgasm, I'm NOT Satisfied & Still Aroused   1 week 6 days ago

    Due to several reasons, we are not experiencing a satisfied sex life. Especially due to quick ejaculations, even after experiencing an orgasm people looks unsatisfied with their sexual performance. It might occur due to several reasons and also in most of the cases, we used to take some suggestion from experts and consult doctors also. So, apart from consultant and doctors, we need to take some crucial suggestion from here on how to stay long and how to get better sexual pleasure in the bed.

  • How Can I Stop Squirting?   2 weeks 5 days ago

    I understand I should enjoy it as most of you say. I squirt non-stop and you just don't understand how embarrassing it can be. It makes a huge mess, sheets, mattress, floors! But mainly it causes less friction between me and my guy! It's already hard enough to get him to get off, once I squirt over and over, there's a puddle all over his stomach, it slips out easier and more constant, which that throws things off when he's trying to get there. I just want to be able to control it a bit. With me, it's instant, especially when I'm on top and it's always a huge puddle underneath him. When he picks me up, it runs down our legs. It honestly is embarrassing no matter how much he tells me he loves it. It causes problems with him getting off and that takes a serious bite to my ego. I want him to be able to get off too! However, with all the wetness it causes problems.

  • Remembering My Journey   3 weeks 4 days ago

    Dear Carlin,

    Thank you for your very wonderfully reflection. I got from it a sense of bewilderment about how religion not just yours but religion in general can close off social embracement to the other (the filth of the other) instead of opening congregants to worldly community. Oddly, on the other hand it was people with very fundamental beliefs that were the back bone of the anti slavery movement and the civil rights movement they embraced social engagement and explored the other. Two world views within religion can be polar opposites.

    I’m just wondering about the fervor with which you have dedicated yourself to expanding sexual knowledge if this fervor is just another manifestation of the same conviction with which you were raised. The only difference being is now you are looking out to embrace the world the other then you were trained to look inward. I’m hearing it disheartened you in your youth that ideas form the outside were not to be explored, explained or understood. Now that you are allowed to interact with the other, you enjoy acting for the well being of all, rather than condemning and insulating “them”.

    What a journey to venture to collage and see for the first time the filth of the outside - the other - as a rainbow of God’s children. At university discovering cellular biology and that vaccines were a social good not an evil of a Godless Government.

    I chuckle to think of a young Carlin studying neurobiology as a renegade to her religious roots the same way I chuckle to imagine all those perhaps grumbling Monks attending neurobiology lectures because the Dali Loma told them to be inquisitive about learning new ways too contemplate the workings of God’s children’s minds.

    One might guess it is not just the domain of religion or sexism to be inwardly focused but of groups in general. It sort of sounds like you want us to know, you have kept your religious fervor it’s just now you are acting to embrace the word, explore how we are connected in God’s community, and asking other’s to be curious too; as men of fundamental conviction like Gandhi, King, and the Dali Lama have expressed a keen sense of love for, a zest to learn from and about the other.

    I’m guessing your fundamental convictions have not changed it is just today there is an invitation to look at greater community as place of strength not the other or filth. I’m guessing that your work with Betty is heartening to see God’s children not through the lens of sin, guilt and shame but as a rainbow people striving to do well by each other? Is that the way you wanted to be heard?

  • Rub My Clit...Orgasm...Lose My Sex Drive   3 weeks 5 days ago

    Hi there!

    Do you have any suggestions on finding someone for yoni massages? I am looking to find someone in California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks!

  • How I Stimulate My Clitoris in Every Sex Position   3 weeks 5 days ago

    Sex seems to an art and passion, in the ancient days, we have found that people are passionately doing sex with different positions. This gives them better pleasure with better comfort and also boost their sexual pleasure. Nowadays also people are trying different sexual position to improve their sex satisfaction.
    Stay Hard Longer

  • Remembering My Journey   4 weeks 6 days ago

    Carlin, that was a beautiful, moving, powerful piece. Thank you for sharing your story. You and Betty are changing the world one person at a time. Love and light to both of you.

  • Remembering My Journey   4 weeks 6 days ago

    I totally agree with you.  Rigid sex roles rob all of us of full, happy lives. 

    Just the other day we were at the park and Grayson touched a four year old girls shoe while she sat on a bench - they were rainbow colored and he loves purple.  She immediately screamed and pulled her foot away saying that "he touched me and it hurt".  It didn't hurt...she went right to victim.  Then he walked away and touched her friend's shoe (she had the same ones) and the other girl yelled, "don't let him touch your shoe". 

    Grayson is 2 and these girls were 4 but he was the aggressor because he's a boy.  He didn't understand what he did wrong.  It was so sweet really that it kind of crushed me, realizing that his good intentions were going to be twisted into aggression because of his gender. 

    Kids get all the social cues and understand so much more than we give them credit starts when they're toddlers.  Both me and my husband shower Grayson with affection...let him wear any color he wants and encourage him to cry and laugh and play and be happy.  School will be the challenge.  I see myself developing curriculum for kids in the future as I meet each milestone. 

    They deserve more. 

  • Can Your Urethral Opening be in Your Clitorial Hood?   5 weeks 2 days ago

    I'm 31 years old and just learned my urethra is NOT supposed to be under the clitoral hood! Mine 100% is! I have a "cluster" of tissue where drawings show the urethra is supposed to be, but mine is up directly underneath the clitoris, beneath the hood! I'm having a crisis of identity right now.

  • Marijuana & Sex: Confessions of a Periodic Pot Head   5 weeks 2 days ago

    I think the key word we are looking for is dosage. Most of marijuana bad press has to do with dosage, just like any other medication.  Big pharma or no, most of the genuine benefits come from proper dosage. The brain is not a cheap chemistry set.

  • Remembering My Journey   5 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your story. I was especially struck by one line, and how becoming the mother of a son, raising a boy in the context of your own upbringing, has it's own challenges

    "Girls are raised to serve one function: to please and to birth the next generation while dependent on men for their financial security."

    And the corollaary of that has to be that boys are raised to be pleased, to sire the next generation and to provide financial security. Women are disadvantaged by the system but as I get older, it seems clearer that most men are also badly served. Men are raised to cut themselves off from their emotions and relationships, to compete and "succeed" at all costs, and since inevitably "winners" ae few and far between it means that most men are destined to fail.

    Dealing with inevitable failure, being told that you have no or low value whilst having cut yourself off from emotional support is difficult. We live in a system that doesn't work for men or women, where the choices are limited, where one of the choices we are presented with is to grow up emotionally or economically stunted or dependent.

    Suicide is the single largest cause of death for men in the UK aged 20-50.
    Raising healthy sons, emotionally as well as intellectually literate would seem a huge challenge given the society we live in and push back against. Good luck for the journey.

  • Remembering My Journey   5 weeks 4 days ago

    omg Carlin I had no idea, how you struggeled since the beginning of your life. 
    I have to say I feel you.
    Not that I had the same experience but mine where similar. since I was born, it seemed I just collected every shit that'ts on the planet. 
    but eventually at almost 43 years old, my path of freedom began. I live, I learn, I stumble, I fall and I get up again. 
    just now I am on my way as a startup entrepreneur to sexUp peoples life. spreading words about sex awarenes, sex education in any corner I drop in.
    my dream is to get the sex education from kindergarden to retirement homes.
    because if we talk about healthy lifes sex is an important basic to it.
    I am so happy, that I found the two of you online, when I was searching myself.
    love you both for that
    thanks for existing and inspiring the rest of us

  • Sophie Emma Rose Normalized Breastfeeding Your Toddler   5 weeks 6 days ago

    I loved
    reading your story. I too, breast fed my son until he was just over 3
    years old. He is now a very well adjusted, smart, beautiful man about to
    receive his MBA from Babson College at age 24 after finishing all paperwritings. I had an unsuccessful
    attempt at breast feeding with his older sister, mostly due to terrible
    post partum depression and lack of resources at the time. So when my son
    came along I was better educated and better prepared. I never imagined
    it would last more than three years either. It just happens. It's
    nothing new either. I remember my grandmother telling me how her
    youngest was nearly able to pull up a chair to nurse, he was getting so
    big. No one should be made to feel bad or disgusting by a longer than
    "normal" breast feeding experience. That's what the breast is for. I
    think it helped me to keep the depression away this time because of the
    hormones needed to make milk. Women need to support each other with
    breast feeding, it's not always easy or natural.