Sex By Design: The Betty Dodson Story - EBOOK EDITION

Sex By Design: The Betty Dodson Story - EBOOK EDITION

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415 pages -  90 images of Betty through the years and her art

Betty's memoir also available on Amazon and as an audio book on Audible.

Betty's memoir is the story of one woman's struggle to liberate female sexuality while enjoying her own. In the 70's as the feminist movement evolved focusing on various platform issues, equal pay, voter registration, Betty latched on to sexual liberation as a symbol for self empowerment.

Realizing that so many women weren't enjoying sex she asked, "how could women ever be truly equal if they were reliant on men for their sexual satisfaction." She quickly became the leader of the sex positive feminist movement and the rest is history.

The memoir chronicles her 40-year career as a feminist including:

· Her career as a fine artist mounting the first one-woman show of erotic art in 1968.
· Her experiences with group sex during the Sexual Revolution.
· Her historic vulva slide show that premiered at NOW's 1973 Sexuality Conference.
· Her infamous Bodysex workshops - teaching 1,000s of women to take charge of their own orgasms for 25 years.
· Her introduction of the electric vibrator in 1973 to the American woman as a pleasure device.

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Listen to: Betty Dodson, Bareback Orgies & Independent Orgasms
Read an excerpt from the book: Sister Teacher: The Birth of the Bodysex Groups

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Customer Reviews:

Feet in a Pickle Jar!!

This is an incredibly honest accounting of Betty's challenge to prudish attitudes towards sex that may well underlie so much of what ails society. Hypocrisy in regard to experiencing pleasure is one of the hallmarks of our struggling civilization. Where would the controls of the patriarchal churches of the world be if everyone were free to enjoy their own lives and their own bodies? Betty confronts the hypocrisy that surrounds our attitudes toward sex head-on and in so doing has liberated countless women as she guided them to discover pleasure for them selves. Above all, she dared explore in directions that will not be for all of us but which nevertheless defined her journey into self-awareness. Her story is not for prudes but neither it is pornographic.

This is the story of an enormously courageous woman who ventured into the hidden world of sensuality and here she shares her doubts and fears and joy and success. She always had one goal in mind; to help liberate her fellow human beings from the bonds of sexual repression. Some readers might be surprised at how far she was willing to venture on her journey, but in order to make a difference in this world one cannot affect the inertia of society as a whole without pulling very hard to create a stir. What we wait for next is for this remarkable woman to admit and reveal to the word at large that beside being a pioneer in the exploration of human sexuality she is also a great artist and her paintings and drawings speak further volumes as to the passion for life that resides within her.

G. Verschuur


Spanish Language Sex for One

Tue, 07/27/2010 - 13:59
Joani Blank (not verified)


When the Spanish publisher of Sex for One purchased the Spanish language publication rights from Betty's American publisher, perhaps they only purchased the right to sell that edition only in Spain or perhaps for all of Europe, but possibly excluding North America. If they didn't buy the rights to sell the book in Central and South America, I'd say they blew it.

On the other hand Betty's original publisher may not have wanted to sell those rights, but rather reserve them to sell to a North and/or South American publisher of books to be sold in North or South America respectively.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, books available in translation can now come right back across the border to us no matter where they are published. Unfortunately we have to pay a premium for those boks plus pretty pricey shipping charges.

Joani Blank
publisher emerita
down there pres

A Refreshing View of Feminism and the Sexual Revolution

ChrisOnline's picture
Sun, 10/03/2010 - 11:41

The erotic scenes in Betty Dodson's life story, although sexy as
hell, end up as interesting asides, the popcorn and candy during the show, as I
became immersed in the recent history of feminism and the sexual revolution
from the perspective and experiences of a mature woman, already past her
fortieth year in the 1970s, who was completely comfortable in her sexuality.
This is the gift her story provides. For those of us too young to have
experienced the height of sexism, and the complete denial of our sexuality,
Betty Dodson becomes a time traveling spy writing today to help us remember how
far we have come, and the work left to do. 

This book documents the making of a woman whose brand of feminism is
hyper-focused on the individual woman's view of herself, and love for herself,
as expressed through her sexuality, with masturbation as a base. Betty's story
highlighted for me how the thrust of the vast majority of feminism was, and
maybe still is, external to us as individuals. Feminism sometimes seems only about
what our place as a group is in the power structure, or which political party
we support. But without a strong personal sense of our individual power, we are
weakened. Though Betty's life story, we may start to question whether the
typically feminist icons can claim to have liberated us if we still aren't
accepted as fully sexual beings. What if feminism had done things in reverse
and insisted on equal sexual rights first? 

The path Betty took, and wants us to widen, is the one that so many big named feminist
didn't want to follow because it was so less traveled as to make it only
enticing for the truly tough explorers, like Dr. Dodson with her big ass
machete. Read about her "Split Beaver Slide Show" and you might just

First I have to say how happy

Wed, 06/01/2011 - 11:17
Carlin Ross

First I have to say how happy I am that you are in my life. You have taught me so much: creative sexuality, tolerance, empathy, kindness and how to have more fun.

Seeing you each time has been a joyful experience I remember with great affection and admiration. Admiration. Specifically I admire your courage and sense of artistic mischievousness. That's really something I can't say about too many people.

Second, your honesty and perception and willingness to describe what it was like for a female to grown up in the 50's and 60's is record breaking. I can't think of anyone who has approached the details as clearly as you have of that time. Until now I always thought of those years laughingly as the best "decades of foreplay" without acknowledging the pressures, fears and crazy mores (I hope that means cultural seriousness about our Calvinistic culture) that were present. I identified intensely.

Now there's another part of your book I haven't identified with so much. Not because I don't want to, but I haven't reached your level yet. I'm still aspiring to it. You constantly open my eyes and my imagination not only about possible sex play I haven't tried yet, but about what it means to my personal humanity and to age as a sexually healthy woman.

I think I'm going to close here because my computer is capricious and shuts down when I least expect it. I will continue to think about you as I reread your book in rehab. I'm also sending a copy of this letter to Erika in Istanbul to let her know the missing copy has turned up and I'll send it to her next week.

Please take care of yourself. You are a National Treasure who should get the Medal of Honor and the Nobel Peace Prize. I love you very much. And yes we did take Aspen by storm thanks to you.

Love and hugs,
Arabella and LULU

Betty Dodson’s My Romanic

Fri, 02/17/2012 - 16:51
Beck Peacock (not verified)

Betty Dodson’s My Romanic Love Wars is a rare memoir, the most unflinching account of a person’s sexual history since My Life and Loves by Frank Harris, published ninety years ago. But this time it’s a woman writing and, oh, the difference. Dodson and Harris both had a very active background in the arts. Harris was a famous writer and literary magazine editor in his generation; Dodson is a NYC sexual revolutionary in painting, photography, writing, education, and erotic performance.

Harris scandalized many in the literary world and his book was censored by right thinking bureaucrats for decades. Today’s crowd is harder to shock, but there is something in Dodson’s book, some very detailed experiences, that will push even the most the open-minded reader to his or her limit. Betty has very personally investigated every avenue of female sexual expression -- and she tells you all about it.

Dodson gives new definition and depth to the word “honest”. Her book is a unapologetic memoir of her continuing sexual evolution during her 80 plus years. She was born and raised in Kansas and has never lost her Midwest brashness, even as she infiltrated New York City’s incestuous art world. Increasingly she became the sexual rebel in her art and life, and she has remained the most outspoken and refreshing woman for the last several generations.

What do we do with this woman? Many will dismiss her as a compulsive sex addict, others will do what they’ve always done and simple ignore her. But neither attitude works. She dared to advertise the word “Masturbation” and then published a popular underground book advocating and demonstrating the art of self loving. As uncomfortable as it may be for some, Dodson personally plumbs the depths (and polishes the surfaces) of every human sexual expression imaginable. Betty has done it all. Repeatedly.”

(Disclosure: Betty and I have crossed paths often since the early 70s and I’ve been the beneficiary of her talents)

Like her art, her writing style can be beautifully frank and confronting. At times in her life she was a hard boiled chick attempting to economically make it in New York’s tough and puzzling art scene. But she’s also a born comedian and her stories are filled with ironic humor and great punch lines. Often in the book she is genuinely vulnerable and affectionate, especially in the role of a very loyal daughter to her amazing mother. Always however she is an extreme realist in her sexual encounters with women and men -- and with herself;
Dodson is a woman of strong opinions, sometimes hardened ones.

But her sweet humor softens continuously. She never spares herself. She will take a position at one moment in her life and in the next chapter will admit that she was wrong and move on with renewed enthusiasm. Her entire life has been a process of cutting away the dense cultural thickets that defined women’s sexual roles. Each detailed sexual anecdote -- almost all describing a phase in her outrageously adventurous sexual journey -- tells of the confusion, the pain, but mostly the pure joy and dedication in her mission and her life.

Read the book and be prepared for a shock of recognition. You’ll discover yourself somewhere in the pages.