How Do I Maintain My Erection?

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Fri, 03/14/2008 - 23:00
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

I want to try using a cock ring to maintain my erection. I have tried Vigera, Cialis and Levitia. They all give me a terrible head-ace and back pain. I have asked my Doctors about this problem and both just say some men can't take them. I am in good health and have a very strong heart but I can't maintain an erection for much over 10 minutes. My wife is getting a little tired of me letting her down.

Thanking you in advance,


Dear G,

Please get my book "Orgasms for Two" that is full of useful information for heterosexual couples. There are so many other pleasurable ways to share partnersex and orgasms beside a penis inside a vagina. If you wanted to get your wife pregnant, you would need to focus on coming inside the birth canal. Otherwise, the clitoris is a woman's primary sex organ for pleasure and it can respond to a wet tongue, a slippery finger or a vibrator. Continuing to put that kind of pressure on your cock is totally unnecessary.

Yes, a cock ring will hold the blood inside your penis a bit longer, but I must tell you that ten minutes of fucking after penetration is a fairly decent length of time. Your wife sounds a bit sexually lazy to me. It's my belief that we are all responsible for generating our own orgasms. It's time for her to stop laying there expecting you to do all the work, and it's time for you to stop thinking your penis is the only way to get her off. Good lord, man, go buy a dildo and fuck her for hours or as long as she wants. Then after she comes climb on board and shoot your load.


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Maintaining Erection with a Lazy Woman

Sun, 02/19/2017 - 09:33
Headley-LaMoe (not verified)

Your response the "nail right on the head" for me. Married for 42 years, my wife has become increasingly lazy with sex. For the first ten years, she was a tiger in bed. Then as her body weight increased, she lost interest in all things active...including sex.

Frequency dropped way below the norm for couples our age. She even got to the point where she would change the TV channel if a program suddenly showed scene with a woman in a bikini or underwear.
Sexually, she became the taker and I became the giver. She basically laid there and dictated what I would do to her. It finally reached the point where she stated that vaginal dryness hurt her too much for penetration, and all she wanted was a quick dry hump. She doesn't even want oral because it makes her cum more than once.
It has become difficult for me to maintain an erection with someone who just wants to "get it over with". I've bought her a couple of vibrators to bring some fun into our sex life, but she got indignant and won't even open them.  She's perfectly happy with sex twice a year...even if she doesn't need it.
What is one to do? Have I spoiled her? Has she lost all interest in me because I'm here and too available?  She is totally absorbed in reading romance novels. Maybe I just can't compete with her imagination?