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Penetrating Your Vagina for the First Time

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Sun, 01/24/2010 - 17:15
Submitted by Betty Dodson

You will need a few basic items. If at all possible set aside at least an hour in a warm room that's completely private. Turn off the phone and put your cell phone in another room. Wash you hands and make sure you have smooth clean fingernails.

1. For your genital examination you will want a make-up mirror that stands alone with at least an eight-inch mirror surface. Improvise: A mirror on a closet door.

2. A gooseneck desk lamp is the best or some light source that can be aimed between your legs. Improvise: Light coming through a window.

3. A bottle of massage oil such as almond, coconut, apricot or avocado.

4. A towel to sit on.