Posted on the Jun 22, 2016 by Carlin Ross
I think we can all agree that our binary two-gender system leaves little room for personal happiness.  Strict gender roles are more than discrimination against the LGBT community.  The...
Posted on the May 04, 2015 by Carlin Ross
This picture features the first female gardeners working in Kew Gardens in 1896. They were required to dress like men so they wouldn't be a "distraction". I was googling around and found that...
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Posted on the Sep 22, 2014 by Carlin Ross
Edna Best shot by Dorothy Wilding. 1925
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Posted on the Sep 15, 2014 by Betty Dodson
Hi Betty: I have really been enjoying your website and all the great information it contains. I am a fit 57 year old married male, been married for 28 years to a great gal. We have enjoyed the...
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Posted on the Jul 17, 2014 by Carlin Ross
I love this post written by a father about his 2 year old son's love of dresses. I'll never understand why we're so preoccupied with policing kid's gender. Here's my favorite passage: "It used to...
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Posted on the Jun 16, 2014 by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, I have been reading you blog for about 3 years now and it has been a great help! I am not sure who else i can ask about the situation I am finding myself in. I have met a wonderful...
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Posted on the Feb 01, 2014 by Carlin Ross
Jared Leto plays a transgendered woman in The Dallas Buyer's Club along side Matthew McConnaughey. I can't wait to see this film...Jared makes a beautiful woman. Here's how he got the part: A Skype...
Posted on the Jan 06, 2014 by Carlin Ross
I've been loving Leland Bobbe's Half-Drag photo series.  There are 40 images that take on gender identity and how we perceive strength and vulnerability.  His work has been featured at the...
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Posted on the Dec 22, 2013 by Carlin Ross
No one is going to rain on his parade. Adorable. 1939
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Posted on the Dec 01, 2013 by Carlin Ross
Anne Scott-James a journalist enjoys a drink and a cigarette in a London pub, for a 1941 Picture Post feature ‘Should Women Wear Trousers’. When my mother was an art student, she had to petition the...
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Posted on the Aug 28, 2013 by Carlin Ross
This painting depicting President Putin combing the hair of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in women's lingerie was seized from a gallery in Russia this week. Talk about the power of'...
Posted on the Jul 18, 2013 by Carlin Ross
In 1950 (as Betty was heading to nyc to become an artist) a swedish photographer Christer Stromholm took his camera to Paris to document transexual women struggling to make a living in the red light...
Posted on the Jul 10, 2013 by Carlin Ross
I found this picture blog featuring men wearing their girlfriend's clothes. What's interesting is how ridiculous they look - while women wearing men's clothes look quite normal.  You can't go...
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Posted on the Jun 19, 2013 by Carlin Ross
Marlene Dietrich is beyond sexy.  I'll take androgyny like this over stilettos and cleavage any day.
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Posted on the May 31, 2013 by Carlin Ross
super...duper love
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